Egg replacement in mayonnaise-type dressingsThis spring an avian flu outbreak spread across the US, resulting in the loss of millions of birds and causing an egg shortage that has seen egg prices reach an all-time high. This sudden and unprecedented decrease in the egg supply and concerns that the flu could re-surface as wild birds migrate this fall have sent food manufacturers scrambling for egg substitutes.

"Since eggs contribute to various functional roles in foods, there really isn't a one-to-one replacement for all that they do. The difficulty in replacing eggs is assessing their functional role in a given application because they could be responsible for functionalities as diverse as gel formation after heating, film formation, or emulsification. This understanding of the eggs' functionality within a formula is required whether the goal is complete or partial replacement," explains Donna Klockeman, senior principal food scientist.

We've fielded quite a few requests for egg replacement in recent weeks and one common request is for stabilizers to replace eggs in mayonnaise. While it can be a challenge to replace the functionality of eggs in mayonnaise-type dressings, our Gum Gurus® have formulated several stabilizer systems that replace the necessary texture and emulsification properties.

Stabilizers for Mayonnaise-type Dressings

    • Saladizer® Mayo Cold Set order a sample
      • Builds viscosity and enhances texture in fat-free and low-fat mayonnaise-type dressings; cold water soluble
      • Typical usage level: 5.00-7.00%
    • Saladizer® MAYO-GSP order a sample
      • Emulsifies and improves texture; replaces most or all of egg; heat stable
      • Typical usage level: 4.00-5.00%
    • TICorganic®Saladizer®100 order a sample
      • Emulsifies and thickens; 100% certified organic
      • Typical usage level: 0.60 - 1.00%

If you would like to request a sample of one of these stabilizer systems for evaluation in your application, please click here.

Talk with one of our Gum Gurus about replacing or reducing the eggs in your application by clicking the Chat with Us button above or calling our technical service hotline (800) 899-3953 / +1(410) 273-7300.

Click here to download a prototype formulation for an egg-free, low calorie mayonnaise-type dressing.