While we hoped the unprecedented egg shortage caused by the outbreak of avian flu last spring would be short lived, concerns about the egg supply continue as we move into fall.

Just a few of the headlines in the news over the last week:

Now, food manufacturers are making preparations in case supply issues last longer than initially expected which means our Gum Gurus® are fielding customer requests for reducing or eliminating eggs every day.

Bakeries Searching for Solutions

The baking industry has been especially hard hit by the shortage. Baked goods like cakes rely on the multiple functionalities of eggs to help prevent product defects throughout the product life cycle—from the flow of the batter during manufacturing through the crumb structure, color, moistness, and flavor the customer observes during slicing and consumption.

Because eggs act primarily as strengtheners in cakes and other batter systems, completely removing them would produce a very fragile cake. This tends to lead to breakage during handling and many loose crumbs when sliced. "If you must remove eggs from your formulation, you can improve your results by adding a protein source in combination with a hydrocolloid-based stabilizer," explains Steven Baker, food scientist.

If you are interested in reducing the levels of eggs in your cake formulation, we offer several stabilizers that could help you see reductions of up to 50%. Whether you are eliminating eggs or just reducing the levels, you will need to increase the amount of water or other liquid in the formulation.

Stabilizers for Reducing Eggs in Cakes

egg replacement cakes gum chart


These are just a few of the solutions available for reducing or eliminating eggs from your food formulation. To talk with one of our Gum Gurus about replacing or reducing the eggs in your application, click the Chat with Us button above or call our technical service hotline (800) 899-3953 / +1(410) 273-7300.

Product Information

If you would like to request a sample of one of the stabilizer systems above for evaluation in your application, please click here.


Prototype formulation for reduced egg cakes