Each year, our Gum Gurus® field hundreds of questions from customers about all types of food and beverage applications. One of the applications they are most frequently asked about is salad dressings and the number of questions has only increased in recent months with manufacturers rushing to meet consumer demands surrounding clean labeling. Our Gum Gurus offer their recommendations for some common problems below:

Salad dressing emulsifiers & stabilizers

"I need a salad dressing stabilizer that is all-natural and non-GMO."

Because there is no standard for clean labeling, every company's definition is slightly different. Some of our top choices for all-natural, non-GMO salad dressing stabilizers are:

"How can I remove PGA from my dressing?"

Once a frequently used, reliable emulsifier, thickener, and stabilizer for salad dressings, propylene glycol alginate (PGA) has fallen out of favor as consumers shy away from ingredients with unfamiliar names.
If you are charged with removing PGA from a salad dressing formulation, here are a few stabilizers to consider:

  • Best choice: Saladizer 250—natural salad dressing stabilizer that creates a texture very similar to PGA
  • Non-GMO option: Saladizer 210—natural and non-GMO salad dressing stabilizer blend that emulsifies and improves the mouthfeel of salad dressing
  • Xanthan-free option: TICorganic Saladizer 100—100% certified organic stabilizer system that emulsifies and improves the mouthfeel of salad dressing. Note that this system is less tolerant of low pH ranges.

"How can I remove xanthan gum from my salad dressing?"

Xanthan gum is another ingredient that some consumers try to avoid. We often recommend TICorganic Saladizer 100 because it replaces much of the functionality of xanthan gum in salad dressing applications, however, this system is less tolerant of low pH ranges than xanthan gum. To compensate for this, your usage level may need to be adjusted to reach the desired viscosity in an acidic dressing.

We also offer Non-GMO Project Verified Xanthan Gum, if that meets your labeling needs. 

Talk with our Gum Gurus about your specific stabilizer needs

Selecting a food stabilizer for any application is never a one-size-fits-all situation. Salad dressing formulations or manufacturing processes vary, even if just slightly, from those in the same category.

Our Gum Gurus are always available to help you select a stabilizer that meets your specific needs. You can reach them via our technical service hotline (800) 899-3953/+1 (410) 273-7300 or online chat. Once you connect with a Gum Guru, they'll ask several questions about your salad dressing application:

  • What is the pH of your salad dressing?
  • What is the oil level in your formulation?
  • Do you have any labeling requirements like All-natural, kosher, organic, or non-GMO?
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