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"That's my favorite product! It has so many uses!" That was product manager Karen Silagyi's excited response when asked about Ticaloid® 210 S. And it appears she's not the only a fan of this rock star gum system. 

A blend of Gum Arabic and Xanthan Gum that is typically used to stabilize salad dressings and sauces, this humble workhorse has been part of the TIC Gums product portfolio for years but has found popularity in new food and beverage applications. The Gum Arabic in the system provides emulsification and mouthcoating while the Xanthan Gum provides thickening and particulate suspension. Ticaloid 210 S is also easy to work with since it's stable at low pH and soluble in cold water.

Frozen Drink & cocktail stabilizer Ticaloid 210 S


Just a few of the food and beverage applications for Ticaloid 210 S:

  • Cocktails—Whew! Chefs can't get enough of Ticaloid 210 S for this application! Ticaloid 210 S is often recommended as an emulsifier for cocktails like cold buttered rum or orgeat syrups (link book: Liquid Intelligence). We typically sell our gums and stabilizers in 50 pound bags in orders of hundreds or thousands of pounds at a time. Obviously, if you are making cocktails and the gum is used at just a fraction of a percent, one 50 pound bag could literally last you years; however, gums typically have a shelf-life of one to three years depending on the product. We recommend visiting, a website that specializes in offering high quality ingredients in retail packaging.
  • Frozen beverages—If your frozen beverage is more of a solid cube of ice than a refreshing slushy, you can use Ticaloid 210 S to help control ice crystal formation. This is especially useful in reduced sugar beverages where it's difficult to increase the Brix without adding sugar to the formula.
  • Soups, sauces, and dressings—Ticaloid 210 S is most commonly used to emulsify and stabilize soups and sauces while also providing freeze/thaw stability.

Ticaloid 210 S is so popular we even offer agglomerated and non-GMO  versions to meet our customers' requests.

So have you used Ticaloid 210 S in your application and, if so, is it one of the applications above or have you found yet another use for this gum system?