With citrus pectin supply still tight, stabilizer offers options for RTD Juices & Teas

With their inventories of citrus pectin dwindling and few indications that new supplies will return to the market any time soon, food manufacturers are searching for other texturizing options. Click here to read more about the supply of citrus pectin They are quickly finding that some functionalities of pectin are easier to replace than others.

Pectin is commonly used to enhance the mouthfeel in beverages like ready-to-drink (RTD) juices and teas. Fortunately, mouthfeel enhancement is one functionality that can be replicated with other gums.

Pectin Replacement in juices and teas

 What Texture Attributes Describe Juices & Teas?

Using our Texture Revolution process for mapping food texture, we've identified several texture attributes that are key drivers of the consumer acceptance, including:



Examples (Low/High)

Cohesiveness (Liquid)

The degree to which sample holds together rather than rolls off the tongue and mixes with saliva

water vs cream of coconut

Mouth Coating (Residual)

Degree to which mouth surfaces are coated after swallowing or expectorating

water dessert gel vs creamy peanut butter

Viscosity (Initial)

Rate of flow per unit force: the force to draw between lips from spoon, and the rate of flow across

water vs sweetened condensed milk

Slipperiness (Manipulation)

Ease to slide product over lips

water vs starch-free shelf stable creamyItalian salad dressing


The weight of the sample on the tongue.

water vs sweetened condensed milk

In ready-to-drink juices and teas our Gum Gurus® evaluated several stabilizer combinations and found that Ticaloid® 310 S most closely mimicked the texture normally provided by citrus pectin.

Between benchtop testing and sensory evaluation, results indicate that the Ticaloid 310 S can be used at levels 0.05%-0.08% to replace standard HM rapid set pectin used at higher usage levels in juice and tea beverages.

Results of Sensory Evaluation

A triangle sensory test was designed to compare Ticaloid 310 S at 0.06% against TIC Pretested® Pectin 500, an HM rapid set pectin standardized for viscosity, at 0.20% in apple juice. The test batches both had viscosities of 20 cP. The sensory test concluded that there was no significant difference between the Ticaloid 310 S and the Pectin 500 samples at a p=0.05.

Ticaloid 310 S Offers Cost-in-Use Savings

Ticaloid 310 S is made from readily available raw materials and represents a significant cost-in-use savings over pectin. Like pectin, Ticaloid 310 S is both all-natural* and non-GMO*.

Other Applications for Ticaloid 310 S

Ticaloid 310 S can also be used to enhance the mouthfeel of a variety of foods and beverages including dry mix beverages, yogurt beverages, juice drinks, sauces, and marinades.


Pectin Replacement In Acidified Protein Beverages

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