TIC Gums’ beverage technology manager, Dan Grazaitis, had the opportunity to speak about clean label foods to a packed room of over 300 IFT attendees at this year’s IFT Food Expo show. As one of five speakers in the symposium titled, "The Clean Label Market and How to Overcome Formulation Challenges Using Functional Clean Label Ingredients," he highlighted the history of hydrocolloids, what they can do for product texture and stability, where they can be sourced, and how combining two or more food gums that have different functionalities can be a great way to customize and perfect desired texture results.

Creating more consumer friendly labels

To the average shopper, hydrocolloid names can sound unfamiliar but, truthfully, most food gums are non-GMO, minimally processed, and preservative-free. During his presentation, Grazaitis asked the audience to think about where their grandmothers came from and to remember that food gums can be found in many of these same places. They might not sound like the types of ingredients that could be found in her cabinet but, nonetheless, most hydrocolloids are naturally sourced. As an example, he highlighted the use of gum acacia, the sap of the Acacia seyal tree found in Sub-Saharan Africa, for use in almond milk applications.

Hydrocolloids can substitute for less desirable ingredients

Almond milk served to demonstrate how food gums can provide texture solutions to clean label products and how incorporating clean label stabilizers into these products can be a great way to increase shelf life, stabilize, emulsify or texturize a product without the use of controversial ingredients. Food gums, as an alternative to soy lecithin and similar additives, allow manufacturers to produce an allergen free product with fewer label restrictions that performs just as well as a product that uses synthetic emulsifiers.

Other Topics Covered at IFT symposium

In addition to Grazaitis, the other guest speakers provided the audience with information regarding marketing trends, flax and chia as clean label protein options, enzymes for bakery applications, and old fashioned clean label baking. Read more about the symposium here



Clean Label Presentation Grazaitis