Brian Briggs, TIC Gums presidentAnother IFT event has come and gone and the 2017 session was the best ever for TIC Gums thanks to you, our customers! While Las Vegas was incredibly hot, the venue hosted nearly 20,000 people for the show, and it was a great success. (If you weren't able to attend the show, you can still visit our virtual booth.)

We were able to showcase many of the new solutions our team has been working diligently on to help our customers overcome challenges and grow their businesses.

Guar Gum with an Improved Flavor Profile

Among the solutions we highlighted was flavor free guar gum. Our customers had brought forth the challenges and limitations in using higher levels of guar in their end applications due to the beany notes that creep in as usage levels increase and this new product, named GuarNT® USA Flavor Free 5000, helps address those challenges. Over a number of years, TIC Gums has developed and implemented unique technology and processes which allow us to deliver guar, which, supported by sensory testing, is essentially flavor free. With this solution we are working with customers who are seeing cost-in-use savings by increasing the usage levels of guar and lowering the usage of more expensive gums and flavorings. Others are using the flavor free guar to increase the impact of the flavoring they have in their end application. TIC Gums continues to develop additional end-application uses for this technology, and would be thrilled to earn your business if you have a project where this could be beneficial.

An added benefit of GuarNT USA Flavor Free 5000, and other guar offerings we showed at IFT, is the fact that they are made in the USA. With the addition of validated microbiological kill steps to the established food safety standards, we can partner with our customers to ensure that they comply with FSMA requirements for these materials.

RTD Beverages with Longer Shelf-Life

Additionally, we showcased several solutions around protein beverages, including ways to combat age gelation. These solutions are part of our larger platform aimed at helping bring stability and texture to your ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages and other product lines. If you are working with projects in this area, reach out to us and let us help you achieve successful launches and reformulations.

Connecting with Industry

With over 25 Gum Gurus® at the event, we were able to meet with hundreds of customers, potential customers, suppliers and other key industry participants. TIC Gums remains a thought leader in the texture and stability space, participating in numerous breakout sessions and roundtables. TIC Gums is well respected for our position as a driver of innovation in the food industry, and you can expect to see our talented team participating and leading industry discussions in the future as well.

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At the IFT event, TIC Gums, along with our affiliated companies at Ingredion and Kerr Concentrates, had separate booths to showcase our solutions. We look forward to being able to leverage our sister companies to provide you with a broad portfolio of materials and products to help you drive your business.

We remain focused on how we can continue to partner with you to provide the types of solutions and responsiveness you need to drive innovation and growth in your companies. Our dedication to being your partner of choice and working side-by-side with you remains steadfast. Our long history of food safety, innovation, responsiveness and outstanding customer service is the foundation upon which we are building our future.

Please let us know how we can become a better partner with your organization. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at or 410-273-7300 x3422.