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As the RTD (Ready-To-Drink) beverage market grows, one trend continues to dominate and that’s Clean Label.

But one area of the RTD market has fallen behind.

Market data for sports protein RTD beverages

Although it has recently seen tremendous growth, the “Sports Protein RTD” sector has not matched the current trend of reformulation.

This is a cause for concern because the clean label trend is very likely to affect Sports Protein RTD Beverages as the consumer mindset continues to shift.

sports protein rtd beverages

Finding clean label stabilizers that replace traditional stabilizers is no easy task.

It has to meet the expectations of consumers in both texture and stability.

To help manufacturers avoid losing ground because of clean label demands, TIC Gums has developed: Ticaloid® Pro 181 AG and Ticaloid® Pro 192 AGD.

Both of these products provide a clean label option, are suitable for sugar-free beverages, and can be used in high-protein and vegan beverages.

Ticaloid Pro 181 AG works well with non-dairy beverages and can be used in rice, nut, grain and soy (RNGS) dairy-alternatives. It also provides added emulsification capabilities that allow for more nutritional oils.

Ticaloid Pro 192 AGD works well with dairy beverages and suppresses gelation that is most commonly seen in dairy-based protein beverages over time. As with Ticaloid Pro 181 AG, it also enhances emulsification capabilities which allows for additional nutritional oils.

stabilizers for clean label rtd protein beverages

So stay ahead of the game by reformulating with Ticaloid Pro 181 AG and Ticaloid Pro 192 AGD.

Tackle your reformulation today by talking with a Gum Guru® today about your specific application. Call our technical support hotline at +1-800-899-3953 / +1-410-273-7300 or chat live online.

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