Keeping Costs in Check Doesn't Have to Mean Sacrificing Flavor, Texture & Stability

Video Transcript

Here at TIC we have a customer that produces vanilla ice cream 261 days per year. They produce 8,500 gallons of ice cream per production day and are looking to cut costs.

Our customer currently uses a guar and locust bean gum blend to enhance texture and stability and a 0.5% vanilla flavor use rate to enhance flavor.

They decided to reach out to our Gum Gurus to learn about cost savings options with hydrocolloids.

We suggested that they could save on production costs by decreasing the vanilla flavor use rate in their ice cream.

Our customer wondered if using less vanilla flavor would negatively affect their ice cream.

We suggested swapping out the standard gum blend for Caragum 200 FF, a proprietary blend that includes a flavorless guar that doesn't conflict with flavor.

With the help of our Gum Gurus, our customer figured out he could reduce his vanilla use and still maintain the same flavor and texture to achieve cost savings. Since reducing their vanilla use rate by 5%, our customer was able to see significant annual savings of up to $266,220 a year thanks to using Caragum 200 FF.

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