from Brian Briggs, President, TIC Gums

Brian Briggs, President, TIC GumsAs we settle into 2019, the pace of innovation within the food and beverage industry continues at a rate few have seen before, presenting new opportunities for growth in product development.

Those new opportunities, however, can also bring challenges, leaving formulators looking for partners who can help them capitalize on these changes and consumer needs.

Count on TIC Gums for Solutions

2019 also marks TIC Gums’ 110th year of working closely with the innovators in our industry. With so many years under our belt, we are well positioned to understand emerging trends and help food and beverage developers successfully navigate through the opportunities and challenges these trends present.

It can be difficult to foresee the many effects that processing, ingredient selection and other elements of formulating will have on an end product. Our team of Gum Gurus® works with our customers to guide their formulation process, taking into consideration the various factors necessary to ensure a stable, reproducible product.

Over the years, food manufacturers have come to rely on our expansive and growing toolbox of hydrocolloids, sweeteners, starches and proteins and our extensive food formulating expertise when selecting ingredients and ingredient systems. Focusing on agility and responsiveness, we work to provide solutions that meet our customers’ unique product launch or reformulation needs.

One opportunity food and beverage manufacturers are scrambling to meet is consumer demand for products that comply with labeling requirements, like organic or non-GMO. To alleviate some of the stressors around developing consumer-friendly finished goods, we continue to expand our portfolio of organic and Non-GMO Project Verified solutions. Please reach out to our team to see all of the new additions to our portfolio of solutions.

Drive Your Growth with the Gum Gurus® 

Every day our team helps food manufacturers like you create products that deliver an ideal eating or drinking experience while also meeting specific label requirements. Whether it is working with our Gum Gurus in our Idea Lab® pilot plant, designing new functional ingredient solutions, or accessing to an even broader portfolio of solutions as part of the Ingredion family, think of us as your partner in new product development.

As you plan for 2019 and beyond, I encourage you to reach out to our Gum Gurus for assistance with your specific formulating needs. Whether you prefer to communicate via chat, email or phone, the Gum Gurus are here to work with you. 

Talk with a Gum Guru about your specific application by calling our technical support hotline +1-800-899-3953 / +1-410-273-7300 or chat live online.