The Gum Gurus answer frequently asked questions about instant protein powders

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Consumer demand for non-GMO instant beverages has been continuing to increase over the last several years due to health and wellness trends. When formulating instant protein drinks, there are questions that most formulators are left wondering.

The Gum Gurus® are here to make formulating simple for you.

The first question we have is…

Question: Why am I detecting grittiness in my instant protein beverage?

Answer: There is protein in the beverage that is insoluble and detectable on the tongue upon drinking. When you add hydrocolloids like gums you can mask this grit by coating the tongue and decreasing the awareness of particulates. Learn more in this white paper: Label Friendly Stabilizers for Powdered Protein Beverages

This next question is one of our more popular ones…

Question: What should I use to enhance suspension in my instant protein sports powders?

Answer: Xanthan is the only cold-water soluble gum that can suspend particulates, which is great because gums in instant protein beverages must be able to activate without heat. It hydrates relatively quickly and reaches its full potential faster than other gums. This is important because it means consumers don’t have to wait to enjoy the beverage and the consistency will stay the same even after sitting for periods of time.

When formulating your instant protein beverage, you want to be aware of suspension, but also of viscosity and texture. Often, we get asked...

Question: Is there something I can use in my instant protein sports powdered beverage to enhance viscosity and texture?

Answer: Like we discussed, you can use xanthan to contribute to viscosity and texture. Depending on the mouthfeel you’re trying to achieve, you could also use Guar, Cellulose and Carrageenan. With the addition of Acacia you can also enhance overall mouthfeel.

If you’re already working with gums, you may ask...

Question: How does the usage rate of the gums change my product?

Answer: It should be noted that the usage rates for gums are low, which means they are very functional ingredients to add to your product. When adding Guar, cellulose, carrageenan or xanthan it can take trial and error to find the perfect usage rate for your ideal mouthfeel, that’s why we recommend calling a Gum Guru because we can make recommendations to pinpoint the perfect usage rate to add to your product.

Or you might also be wondering

Question: Should I use a shaker bottle or blender for evaluation of instant protein beverages?

Answer: Either works perfectly fine. But consumers would most likely use a shaker bottle like this one when using your product, so keep in mind how consumers may be using them once they’re available.

If you’re working on formulating products that are meeting consumer demand, that’s not a problem. Since the increase in consumer awareness of non-GMO label claims most formulators are asking...

Question: Can I use gums in my instant powdered protein drink and have non-GMO label claims?

Answer: Yes! TIC Gums has gums and gum systems that meet non-GMO claims, but also provides gums that are non-GMO Project Verified and organic compliant.

Have other questions that we didn’t get to? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

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Download the white paper: Label Friendly Stabilizers for Powdered Protein Beverages