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When formulating an instant protein powdered beverage, there are common challenges product developers can face.

From understanding your hydration rate to sensory information, all these things have to be done using label-friendly ingredients which can sometimes limit your options.

Achieving a consistent, optimal hydration rate

One challenge when working with an instant protein beverage as we mentioned is producing a consistent and optimal hydration rate.

To break it down, a hydration rate is the speed at which it takes an instant protein beverage to reach its full viscosity.

An ideal hydration rate would be the fastest rate at which the beverage hydrates, while remaining stable over longer periods of time to avoid thickening.

This way the powdered beverage can be consumed immediately or enjoyed after sitting for long periods of time, while at work or after a workout, without changing the consumer's experience with your product.

This is crucial to consider when formulating because a beverage that suffers from a less than ideal hydration rate may continue to hydrate as the beverage sits,  eventually creating a thick, undesirable texture for the consumer.

Reducing awareness of particulates

Another thing to keep in mind when formulating instant beverages is that they have an increased amount of perceivable particulates due to the addition of vitamin-mineral blends, fiber, protein and other nutritional ingredients.

These ingredients, especially the protein selection, can also increase the astringency of the beverage.

As a result, the textural properties of the finished beverage are compromised.

To overcome texture challenges in instant protein beverages, product developers can leverage the benefits found in hydrocolloid systems.

Identifying and adjusting key texture attributes

TIC Gums tested the textural benefits of gums in instant powdered protein beverages with a panel of six descriptive analysts. Download the white paper: Label Friendly Stabilizers for Powdered Protein Beverages

The test compared a chocolate protein beverage without gums, a chocolate protein beverage with the addition of a standard xanthan gum, and a chocolate protein beverage with the addition of Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth CL.

The panelists determined the flavor profile to be consistent with that of the marketplace, however, the addition of hydrocolloids greatly enhanced the textural attributes of the instant protein beverage like mouth-clearing and decreasing the amount of perceived particulates.

Just take a look at the sensory information that was collected.

The sample with standard xanthan and the sample with Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL featured superior viscosity and suspension, but the sample with Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL masked the awareness of particulates in a way xanthan alone was not able to, avoiding an undesirable, gritty mouthfeel.

The sample with Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL also dispersed in liquid more easily than the alternative samples, while exhibiting the highest hydration rate.

In addition to these challenges, product developers are tasked with creating products that meet special label requirements.

Gums & systems to meet your label claim goals

Ticaloid Ultrasmooth is a label-friendly, cold water-soluble system that dissolves easily into a solution, allowing consumers to experience the textural benefits upon reconstitution.

If you're looking to achieve specific label claims like non-GMO, Non-GMO Project Verified and organic, don't worry. TIC Gums offers a portfolio of Ticaloid Ultrasmooth products like Ticaloid OG Ultrasmooth CL, which is both organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, and Ticaloid Ultrasmooth NGMO.

Now you can achieve an ideal hydration rate and texture in your instant protein beverages, while also staying on trend with label claims like non-GMO.

If you want to learn more about Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL or any of our other portfolio options as a solution for you, reach out to a Gum Guru, because we're here to help make formulating simple!

Call on the Gum Gurus

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