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    Hey, what's up you guys? Today I'm here to talk about plant-based yogurt. My name is Brooke, and I am a Gum Guru®.

    Dairy yogurt has been the norm, and non-dairy yogurt has been increasing in popularity, and the problem with that is consumers want the same texture and taste from nondairy yogurt that they're getting from dairy yogurt. Adding protein to nondairy yogurt can help give it structure, similar to the structure of dairy yogurt. You can also run into viscosity and mouthfeel issues, because protein tends to have a gritty mouthfeel.

    A way to fix the problem with protein is by adding a hydrocolloid and starch. They can have a synergistic relationship that can alleviate these problems. Once you have the correct blend, it can work for different flavors and different applications. It can be hard to get to that point, and we're here to help you with that.

    A solution I would suggest for non-dairy yogurt is Simplistica™ YG 3206, and this is because it is an optimized blend of hydrocolloids and plant-based protein. It provides a similar eating experience to dairy yogurt, and it has minimal impact on the flavor.

    Our trained descriptive analysts tested the Simplistica YG 3206, in comparison to dairy and nondairy yogurt, and they found that Simplistica YG 3206 is similar in creamy texture, thickness and slipperiness to the dairy yogurt. They also found that, in comparison to the plant-based yogurt, has a lower overall pulse note, which contributed to a better flavor.

    Overall, Simplistica YG 3206 mirrors similar mouthfeel and solid-like behavior as dairy yogurt. Simplistica YG 3206 simplifies your process and helps to get you to market faster.

    If you have any questions, feel free to call us or chat us online. We're here to help.

    To speak with a Gum Guru about your specific texture, stability and nutrition goals, call our technical service hotline at hotline +1-800-899-3953 / +1-410-273-7300 or chat live online.

    Download the white paper on plant-based yogurt