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Videos in the Formulating Plant-based Yogurt series


Hey, everyone, Anna here. Today I'd like to talk to you about agar.

Seaweed is harvested and processed into the powder we know as agar.

Agar is a gelling gum that provides structure and body in your products. It can also be included in ingredient systems to provide a solution, such as vegan yogurts. Agar helps to create a chewy texture in gelatin-free gummy candies. Agar typically needs to be boiled to activate. While we do offer varieties that need to be boiled to activate, we also offer agar that needs to be heated to 185°F, allowing for safer processing environments.

Agar is a label-friendly ingredient. At TIC Gums, we offer non-GMO and organic versions.

If you'd like to know more about agar, or have a product in mind that you'd like help formulating, check out our website or chat with us because we're here to make formulating simple.

Download the white paper on plant-based yogurt