Hey guys, I'm Derek, and today we're gonna talk about acacia.

In RTD beverages, formulations have some level of oil which isn't going to mix with water. And so you need to use some emulsifier, in our case we use acacia, to help stabilize that oil.

Acacia is a low-viscosity gum in comparison to some of the other hydrocolloids we sell, like guar or xanthan, so it doesn't provide necessarily the same texture as our other hydrocolloids but, in applications like beverages, for example, our Simplistica BV-0358 product, it provides a roundness almost similar to sugar at concentrations of around half to one percent.

Whenever a customer is having a challenge with their formulation, I think the first step is identifying what is the problem. Are we seeing separation of hydrophobic oils? Are we seeing settling of proteins or insoluble materials?

First we have to identify that problem and then we can address it. In the case of something like protein settling out or some kind of material settling out to the bottom and really not being suspended, well, we have a lot of options for suspension. And in the case of an RTD beverage generally, we're using gellan gum.

You can combine the emulsifying ability of acacia with the suspension properties of gellan and really create a system for a customer that allows them to meet all of the needs instead of just one or two. Acacia, at least here in the US, can be organic, is non-GMO, and kosher and halal certified. It can be labeled simply as Acacia, you don't need to label it as gum Arabic or gum Acacia, but actually you can label it just "Acacia". So we do think of it as a very label-friendly hydrocolloid.

If you'd like to learn more about acacia or any of our other products, you can call or chat online with a Gum Guru who can help make formulating simple for you.