Over the years, we've often been asked if TIC Gums makes chewing gum. Websites that gather offers of product samples occasionally incorrectly link to our site and we get flooded with requests from other countries; this happened just a few weeks ago when our site was listed on a site in Russia. The most unusual request was the letter from a child asking for samples of our chewing gum to share with her class.

For the record, no, TIC Gums does not make finished chewing gum; however, our products are often used to make the hard candy shell that coats gumballs and similar crunchy candies. Those candy shells are created through a process called hard panning.

This gum to gum connection made it a natural fit when we chose gums in chewing gum as the topic of our first episode of "Does This Have Gum In It?," our new video series that talks about the different types and uses for gums in every day foods. In this episode, host Harold Nicoll talks with Gum Guru Maureen Akins about how gums are used in chewing gum. Akins explains the benefits of our innovative TicaPAN coating system products, "TicaPAN 311 was originally formulated to be exactly the same as gum arabic. All of the same textural attributes, all of the same  functional attributes, with the exception of a whiter shell. TicaPAN Quick Crunch was actually formulated to be a product improvement Something that will give you a much bigger crunch. Something that could potentially give you faster drying times. And all of the same benefits like whiter shell and security of supply, that we found with the 311."

This video includes scenes shot in and around Cologne, Germany, and the ProSweets 2012 expo where our TIC Gums team introduced TicaPAN products to the European market.

Learn more about our TicaPAN gum arabic replacers by downloading our Guide to TicaPAN Products for Confections.