fmt-cover-june-2012-guru-50Our Gum Guru® recently sat down with Ian Healy of Food Marketing and Technology for his first ever interview.

In the article titled "The Gum Guru Speaks Out," they cover a number of topics including the key role hydrocolloids and stabilizers play in applications like beverages and ice cream and the ability of gums to replace the textural characteristics that are lost when sugar is reduced or removed from food formulations.

"The realization that the mouthfeel of fat and sugar, which contributes to the enjoyment of beverages, can be replaced using gum systems and hydrocolloids is receiving much more attention and development work than before. When sugar and fat are removed from beverages like tea or flavored milk, high intensity sweeteners can replace the sweetness, but not the body that accompanies dissolved sugar. The textural attributes of higher viscosity natural sugar delivers are not replaced with artificial sweeteners."

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