TIC Pretested® Gum Arabic FT Powder is a spray dried gum arabic. There is a detailed Study (U. of MN) available illustrating the superior performance as encapsulation of flavor oils when using Gum Arabic FT. It is reactive with polyols used as binders in nutritional bars. Gum Arabic FT is widely used in the panning process of many confections. In combination with hydrolyzed soy protein Gum Arabic functions as a whipping and stabilizing agent for aerated confections. In bakery Gum Arabic FT is used in a bun glaze, contributing to stability, flexibility, and pliability.


  • Category
    Flavor Encapsulation, Confection, Pet Food, Marshmallow, Tabletting
  • Usage Level
    3% to 30%
  • Soluble
    Cold Water Soluble
  • Kosher
  • All Natural
  • GMO Status
  • Usage Level
  • 20-40% of binding syrup
    Synergistic with polyol syrups to improve binding syrup strength while reducing sugar
    Bakery, Binding Syrups & Bars
  • 5.00-10.00% in water solution
    Adheres spices; serves as an egg wash replacement to add gloss. TICorganic® option available
    Bakery, Breads, Buns, Rolls (Topical)
  • 1.5-3.0%
    Traditionally used for strength in hard panned sugar and sugar-free shells
    Confections, Chewing Gum
  • 3.00-5.00%
    Binds and strengthens tableted candies
    Confections, Tablets