Tara Gum

Now available—TICorganic® certified organic tara

Tara Gum is most commonly used as a thickener and texture modifier in a range of finished goods, including fruit preps, beverages, ice cream and frozen desserts. It is derived from the Peruvian carob tara tree, Caesalpinia spinosa, which grows in northern regions of Africa and South America. Tara is ideal for both hot and cold processes, as it has 100% functionality in warm water and 80% functionality in cold water.

Tara Gum can be used as an alternative to locust bean gum and guar gum in certain applications, because similarly to guar and LBG, it provides thickness and creaminess.


  • Creates mouthfeel
  • Heightens freeze-thaw stability
  • Enhances texture
  • Controls moisture
  • Provides viscosity

tara origin infographic