TIC Pretested Locust Bean Gum POR/A2 has excellent freeze/thaw and water binding characteristics which make it ideal for frozen dairy products and cream cheese applications. Locust Bean Gum POR/A2 is synergistic with carrageenans and xanthan gum. Typical usage levels range from 0.1% to 0.3%. Locust Bean Gum POR/A2 is more acid tolerant than Guar Gum. Most gums that thicken are cold water soluble, but Locust Bean POR/A2 needs to be heated to 165°F in order to fully hydrate. Some processes are able to utilize the low viscosity at lower temperatures to their advantage.


  • Category
    Cream Cheese, Dairy Applications, Functional Foods
  • Usage Level
    0.15% to 0.75%
  • Soluble
    165° F
  • Kosher
  • All Natural
  • GMO Status