Simplistica™ YG 3206

Simplistica™ YG 3206 is an ingredient system recommended for plant-based yogurt. Simplistica™ YG 3206 is designed to provide texture, structure and protein fortification to match the protein content and eating experience of a standard dairy yogurt in a plant-based product. It is a turn-key system optimized to be used with a wide variety of plant-based dairy alternatives while providing clean taste faba protein to match the sensory and nutritional content of dairy yogurt.

For a non-protein, stabilizer-only option, Dairyblend YG 0006 is available.

Download the white paper: Plant-Based Yogurt with Optimal Texture and Nutrition
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Non-Dairy Yogurt
Typical usage Level
For complete hydration, heat to 165°F or higher
All natural
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