TIC Pretested® Stabilizer DF-866 Powder is the ideal product for the frozen fruit processing industry, where it is added to achieve a more viscous syrup that may be used as a dessert topping. Also, many consumers purchase frozen berries based on drained weight. The drained weight is derived by weighing the mixture, then placing it in a colander - allowing time to pass for the excess liquid to drain, and then reweighing the material in the colander. When fresh strawberries (or other fruits) are mixed with sugar, liquid from the strawberries exudes (osmotic pressure) and the drained weight drops from a typical 80% to 70%. Upon freezing the fruit exudes more water, and drained weight values may drop as low as 50%. The addition of Stabilizer DF-866 Powder will increase the drain weight, resulting in a higher value for the 4+1 frozen fruit. Typical usage level is 0.5% (based upon the weight of the total batch.


  • Category
    Fresh Fruit, Strawberry 4+1, Strawberries 4 plus 1
  • Usage Level
  • Soluble
    Cold Water Soluble
  • Kosher
  • All Natural
  • GMO Status
  • Usage Level
  • 0.50-1.50%
    Binds water, forms viscous fruit topping with short texture; ideal for use in 4+1 formulas; provides increased freeze/thaw stability
    Bakery, Pie Fillings, Fruit Toppings