Ticagel® CA 0957 is s functional, synergistic food system that contains a combination of starches and gums. It is recommended to use at 16.5% in plant based block cheese formulation. Ticagel CA 0957 is designed to provide water binding, up front viscosity, thermoreversible gelation, and melting. The actives help create some degree of viscosity of finished product as well as thermoreversible gelation and melting. Ticagel CA 0957 should be complemented by an additional level of solids including proteins to accomplish the desired cheese firmness and nutritional value. For sliced or shredded plant based cheeseapplications, consider Ticagel CA 0968.


  • Category
    plant based block cheese, alternative block cheese, processed block cheese, vegan block cheese, vegeterian block cheese
  • Usage Level
    16% to 17%
  • Soluble
  • Kosher
  • All Natural
  • GMO Status