Ticagel® GC-564 S is a gelatin replacer for use in gelatin-free gummy candy. A usage level of 3.9% replaces 6.4% gelatin 275 Bloom, but usage range is 3.7-4.2% by weight. It is processing friendly and can be added or activated the same way as gelatin using 180°F water and activation time of 10 minutes. At depositing Brix of 78°, it has a slightly higher viscosity than gelatin between temperatures of 203-160°F (95-70 C) but it can still be deposited with ease. Like gelatin it is best deposited at the higher end of this temperature range. Ticagel GC-564 S gives a softer, more chewy gummy candy compared to gelatin but yields a springiness or elasticity more comparable to fruit slice texture. It has the same melting point as gelatin gummy of 55 C when compared side by side in lab trials.


  • Category
    gelled candy, gelatin replacer, agar, confection
  • Usage Level
    2.0% to 3.0%
  • Soluble
    Partially cold water soluble, for full hydration heat to 180°F or higher
  • Kosher
  • All Natural
  • GMO Status