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Pre-Hydrated® Ticalose® CMC 15 Powder is a cellulose gum that is widely used in food and beverage applications including bakery and frozen desserts. Pre-Hydrated® Ticalose® CMC 15 Powder provides mouthfeel, viscosity and moisture retention and controls ice crystal formation to improve freeze-thaw stability in finished food applications. It is agglomerated for ease of dispersion and elimination of dust in processing.


  • Category
    Dairy, Freeze/Thaw, Frozen Foods, Bakery
  • Usage Level
    0.2% to 1.5%
  • Soluble
    Cold Water Soluble
  • Kosher
  • All Natural
  • GMO Status
    Non-GMO Project Verified
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  • Usage Level
  • 1.00-1.50%
    Improves structure and mouthfeel; acts as lubricant in extruded snacks; easily dispersible grade
    Bakery, Baked Goods
  • 1-1.5%
    Binds and strengthens tablets; white powder color; easily dispersible grade
    Confections, Tablets