TICAmulsion® modified gum acacia has superior emulsification properties which opens up new opportunities for flavor and beverage manufacturers to develop innovative new products and reduce costs. This patented emulsifier is stronger than commonly used emulsifiers and does not build significant viscosity even when incorporated at higher levels. These properties result in the ability to stabilize typically unstable emulsions such as high dye, high oil and difficult oils.

It is OSAN modified like many other emulsifiers, but uniquely uses a substrate which is already an emulsifier in its native form.

Ticamulsion modified gum acacia is an approved additive for creating flavor-oil emulsions in the European market (E423).


  • Emulsifies without building significant viscosity
  • Increased stability for typically unstable emulsions
    • High dye
    • High oil
    • Difficult oils


  • Product
    Usage Level
  • Beverages, Emulsions
    Patented technology that emulsifies oils at concentrations of 20% or higher
  • Beverages, Emulsions
    15% gum to 20% or more oil
    Provides stability in beverage and flavor emulsions containing 20% or more oil
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