TicaPAN® Coating Systems are the latest breakthrough of patent-pending technology for coatings.  This family of non-gum arabic based systems is available non-gmo and can be used in a wide variety of applications.  Use these products to bind and strengthen the sugar alcohol shell in panned confections, as well as to enrobe nuts, maltballs, chocolate and other centers containing oil.  Polish chocolate covered raisins or nuts or create edible films and glitters used for cake decorating.


  • Cost savings - at least 20% compared to gum arabic
  • Potential for shorter drying times - up to 20% with TicaPAN Quick Crunch
  • Secure supply - the end of reliance on Africa for gum arabic
  • Better results - whiter color, harder shell, crunchier shell
  • Sugar-free and non-cariogenic

Download: Guide to Panned Confections

TicaPAN Products


  • Product
    Usage Level
  • Confections, Chewing Gum
    Creates a brittle film with a glitterlike appearance for cake decorations
  • Confections, Hard boiled
    2.00-4.00% of the coating syrup
    Provides faster drying times and a crunchier shell in panned confections
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