TicaPAN® 311

TicaPAN® 311 Coating System is a binder for sugar and sugar alcohol syrups that are used in confection coating and panning. Initially designed to replace gum arabic in confection applications, TicaPAN 311 has comparable crystallization, binding, and drying properties; at the same time, it imparts superior strength to the shell coating during the panning process and lends a crunchy texture to the finished product. TicaPAN 311 is used as a drop in replacement for gum arabic at usage level between 2-4% of the syrup recipe. It is also standardized to the same viscosity range of a 35% gum arabic solution. TicaPAN 311 is patent pending.
hard panning, confections coating, adhesive for bakery products
Typical usage Level
2-4% of the syrup recipe
180° F for full hydration
All natural
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