TicaPAN® Quick Crunch

TicaPAN® Quick Crunch is a system of hydrocolloids recommended for panning applications. TicaPAN® Quick Crunch is designed to replace gum arabic in confection applications with improved crystallization for a crunchier shell and reduced drying properties. It is lighter in color than gum arabic, allowing for reduction or elimination of titanium dioxide. The viscosity of TicaPAN Quick Crunch is comparable to that of gum arabic.

For a Non-GMO option, TicaPAN® Quick Crunch Non-GMO is available. For a drop-in replacement for gum arabic, TicaPAN® 311 is available.
confection, panning, chewing gum, used to create crunchy outer shells
Typical usage Level
2-4% of the syrup recipe
180°F for full hydration
All natural
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