TICOrganic® Dairyblend IC 21 is a frozen dessert stabilizer system that provides stability, texture, and emulsification. It can be used without added mono and di-glycerides, allowing for a simpler label declaration. TICOrganic Dairyblend IC 21 can be used to stabilize traditional ice cream systems, as well as less traditional systems that may have higher protein, alternative sweeteners, and alternative milk sources. For high protein/low sugar formulations, a usage level of 0.7% is recommended. This system uses guar gum from TIC's proprietary process generating a significant reduction in beany and grassy notes that are traditionally associated with guar gum systems. For traditional ice cream formulations, a usage level of 0.6% is recommended.


  • Category
    ice cream, clean label, natural*, hard pack
  • Usage Level
  • Soluble
    Partially cold water soluble; for full hydration heat to 165F
  • Kosher
  • All Natural
  • Organic
    100% Organic
  • GMO Status
    Non-GMO Project Verified