Gums for Restaurant Chefs

bookGums are typically sold in 50 pound bags in pallet quantities to meet the manufacturing demands of large food manufacturers. We understand that gums offer many advantages for chefs interested in molecular gastronomy and have made it easier for you to order gums in smaller quantities.

Order Our Chef Kits

We’ve created two kits to take the guess work out of gums and give you a variety of tools to express your creativity in new ways.

Gel & Foam Kit

This kit contains six innovative culinary ingredient solutions to improve the texture of your gels, puddings, flans, pastry fillings, whipping creams, foams, sauces, dips, and more. In addition, there are six recipes utilizing these specialty gums for your new creations. All of this for $99.95, plus shipping.

Sauces & Soup Kit

This kit includes four innovative gum systems for your sauces, condiments, soups, salad dressings, marinades, reduced fat and more. Our book, "Creating Great Dishes with Gums" contains 25 gold standard recipes which feature the four gum systems. This kit is also just $99.95 plus shipping.

Gums a la carte

The demand for gums by the culinary community has reached such a level that we recently added an a la carte option. You can now order more than 20 gums and gum systems in individual jars. Choose from a broad range of gums; some you’ll reach for again and again, others are designed to offer unique functionality in specific recipes.

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