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Three new blends deliver creamier, thicker texture for more satisfying traditional and nutritional dairy applications

White Marsh MD—April 19, 2010 - TIC Gums announces the immediate availability of stabilizers for protein beverages that provide benefits in a wide range of dairy and alternative formulations. “Our Gum Gurus® have innovated three ingredients specifically created for pasteurized milk products, chocolate and alternative protein beverages. These stabilizers improve texture, providing thick, mouth coating sensations while also overcoming the formulation challenges of healthier beverages,” said Donna Klockeman, dairy food scientist.

Klockeman cited the benefits of Ticaloid® 760 MB Powder, Dairyblend MB2 and Ticaloid®875.  She explained that after extensive testing of each of these stabilizing ingredients in TIC Gums’ state-of-the-art applications and pilot plant facilities in White Marsh, Maryland, it was determined that they are compatible with the range of other ingredients used in most traditional dairy and functional alternative protein beverage applications.


The thickening, suspension and cling attributes that the world’s greatest chefs strive to achieve

White Marsh MD, April 28, 2010 - TIC Gums has introduced Ticaloid® Saucier, which was specifically designed through the collaborative expertise of TIC Gums’ Gum Gurus®. “Our combined efforts demonstrate that a vast range of sauce products can be significantly improved by using Ticaloid Saucier as a stabilizer,” said Coki Fisseha, a Culinary Scientist at TIC Gums.

Fisseha said that in addition to Ticaloid Saucier’s ability to do a better job in stabilizing sauces, the TIC Gums innovation can provide better emulsifying, thickening and suspension. She also placed a strong emphasis on Ticaloid Saucier’s ability to enhance the cling factor. “The succulent sensation of ‘cling’ enhances the enjoyment of sauce and sauce-type products,” she said. “Consumers take delight in sauces that complement meat, poultry and vegetarian entrees and side dishes. This ‘cling’ factor creates a highly valued, complex sensory perception, greatly adding to their pleasure.”


Dairy-based salad dressingsNew Saladizer® developed for dairy-based dressings

WHITE MARSH, MD -- October 26, 2009 -- As anyone who has poured a runny dairy-based dressing can attest, not all creamy salad dressings live up to the label. For that reason TIC Gums is helping put the “creamy” in creamy salad dressings.


Stabilizers for icings and cakesWHITE MARSH, MD – September 30, 2009 – TIC Gums recently launched two new products, Ticaloid® Lite HF and Ticaloid® Icing Max AG, especially formatted for cake applications. Whether bakeries or manufacturers are making a classic variety like yellow cake with white frosting or a healthy variety like a high-fiber lavender cupcake that TIC Gums served at the IFT Food Expo in June in Anaheim, the new gum systems are designed to work in cupcake batters and icings.