Improve Particulate Retention in Bakery and Snack Foods with Add-Here® CSA

Comparison of seed retention on pretzel chipsTIC Gums will introduce its new and innovative technology, Add-Here® CSA, at booth #3124 during the Institute of Food Technology Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Chicago, Ill., July 14-16, 2013.

Add-Here® CSA improves particulate retention during manufacturing and shipping for the bakery and snack food industries. The additional bonding strength created by Add-Here® CSA allows particulates on finished goods to stand up to the various rigors experiences during their full production and product life cycles.

As economic pressures increase, manufacturers continue to search for ways to differentiate product lines while streamlining costs. In the bakery and snack food industries, product developers have turned to adding toppings that are healthy and/or globally influenced as a source of innovation. These solutions come with various challenges, including particulate loss during manufacturing and in product packaging operations. These seeding products and flavorings often times cannot be reused and must be disposed.

TIC Gums’ food scientists will be demonstrating the particulate securing properties of Add-Here® CSA on pretzel chips for guest and attendees at the IFT, 2013.

Add-Here® CSA at a Glance

  • Increases the amount of particulates that stick to bakery and snack food products
  • Achieves cost savings through reduction of ingredient spend
  • Reduces the quantity of particulates disposed during production
  • Allows manufacturers to apply particulates more efficiently
  • Differentiates your product by improving quality when increased coverage is desired
  • Increases new product development opportunities including healthy alternatives