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TIC Gums Visits Ohio State University’s Department of Food Science and Technology
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 15:09

Gums 101 demonstration at OSULast week TIC Gums’ senior regional account manager David Audia and technical service representative Amanda Hoffman visited Ohio State University where they received a tour of the Parker Food Science and Technology Building. OSU works with many regional food companies by providing sensory testing and pilot plant runs to assist in product development. “It was great to see the pilot plant and how OSU is integrated within the community,” said Amanda. “I especially enjoyed seeing the wall of products from local customers who the students have helped through hands-on R&D and sensory work.”

Following the tour, David and Amanda provided students with a Gums 101 training course. The overview included a sodium alginate gummy demo and a TICAmulsion®/xanthan emulsion demo. Students were also provided with ice tea and gel cups containing various gums. They sampled the different ice teas while learning about the effects of gums and their texture attributes. Though many of the students were familiar with TIC Gums’ products as they are using them in various classes and in their research, they took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session. TIC Gums looks forward to working with OSU again in the future. 

Gums Solve Common Problems in Tortilla Manufacturing
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 14:18

Flexible, durable tortillaIt can be tricky to formulate a tortilla that is easily manufactured yet still enjoyable to eat. Too little moisture in the dough makes it less durable while too much moisture can result in a dough that is too sticky to roll or convey.

Customers frequently ask our Gum Gurus® to recommend stabilizers that can improve the quality and manufacturability of their tortillas. Whether you need to increase the flexibility and durability of your tortilla dough or reduce sticking in processing or after packaging, adding gums and stabilizers to your formulation may resolve those issues as well as challenges related to moisture retention and control.

Cutting out the cracks in frozen empanadas
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 09:32

Empanadas are delicious fried dough pockets stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit. When formulating empanadas available for the prepared foods section of your local grocery store, several challenges can arise.

Cracks in Frozen EmpanadaColombian-style empanadas are unique due to the masarepa-based dough as opposed to flour-based formulations. Masarepa, which is precooked cornmeal, poses additional challenges as it does not contain the gluten found in wheat flour. Without the functionality of gluten, the dough is fragile and more susceptible to tearing, puncturing and cracking during sheeting and freezing. When fried, an empanada with cracked dough will absorb excess oil and cause the filling to fall out.

Our R&D scientists have been hard at work developing a solution to eliminate these imperfections. They found that machinability and freeze stability improved with the addition of Ticaloid® Tortilla in conjunction with solid fat. This innovative gum system provides maximum flexibility, moisture control and product stability to commercially produced tortillas.

“By working side-by-side with our customers, we are able to identify their formulation challenges and provide a solution,” said Hillel Silverberg, Lab Technician with the TIC Gums’ R&D department.

Video: How Can Gums Improve Your RTD Beverage?
Monday, 20 October 2014 14:01

The newest video in our Application Solutions series looks at using gum systems to solve texture and stability issues in your dairy-based ready-to-drink protein beverage formulations. Recommended stabilizers for RTD beverages

Application Highlight Video

Episode 03 – RTD dairy based protein beverages


When attempting to maximize the nutritional value of your ready-to drink beverages, we understand that there are challenges associated with maintaining the unique sensory attributes and suspension requirements of your product. If dairy based protein beverages are your specialty, we’ve developed the Ticaloid Pro series just for you. These stabilizer solutions are designed to work with protein containing systems through UHT processing, as well as providing significant suspension abilities. If you’re looking to boost soluble dietary fiber, then try Pre-Hydrated® Gum Arabic FT which is easy to disperse and has little impact on beverage viscosity. To sample these products or any of our other systems, including our TICrganic line®, please call us or chat with us online at TIC Gums dot com.

Video: Gums in RTD Beverages


Seeking Certified Organic Gums & Stabilizers?
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 14:03

As if the process of formulating new foods isn’t already complicated enough, product developers are often tasked with creating those products in a way that meets special label requirements like natural, certified organic, and non-GMO.

Suddenly, the list of ingredients you can choose from looks a lot shorter.

Gums that meet certified organic standards

Customers frequently ask questions about hydrocolloids that meet these new and sometimes vaguely defined standards. Fortunately our Gum Gurus® are here to help. Often the recommendation is a product from our TICorganic® line of organic hydrocolloids and stabilizer systems.

The infographic below outlines just some of the applications of our TICorganic® certified organic hydrocolloids.

Certified organic gums

TICorganic® certified organic gums

  • Arabic Spray Dry*
  • Guar Gum 3500 F
  • Gum Arabic SF
  • Inulin Agave*
  • Locust Bean Gum

TICorganic® certified organic stabilizers

  • Aragum® SDF
  • Caragum® 200
  • Saladizer® 100
  • Stabilizer ICE-200

The products above are 100% organic. We also offer a full line of gums and stabilizers that are organic compliant. To determine the proper systems for your organic applications, call our Gum Gurus® at (800) 899-3953/+1 (410) 273-7300 or chat online.

TIC Gums has received organic certification by QAI, in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

*Commonly used as a source of dietary fiber


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Common forms: Organic certificate and plan summary, statements regarding natural status and non-GMO click here