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Overcoming Challenges Associated with Formulating Gelatin-free Gummy Vitamins

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Status of Gum Acacia as a Source of Dietary Fiber

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The clean label trend has penetrated nearly all other food categories so it’s only natural that the trend is now a driver in the nutritional supplement and vitamin category. This is especially true in the gummy vitamin category where consumers are demanding gelatin-free varieties.

Finding a suitable replacement for gelatin in gummy candies and vitamins has long been a goal for food formulators but, until recently, such a replacement was elusive.

Why do consumers want gelatin-free gummy vitamins?

The demand for gelatin-free options has been attributed to consumer desire for more transparency into the ingredients used in foods. Some consumers choose to avoid gelatin in order to adhere to religious dietary rules such as kosher or halal, while others avoid gelatin because they are following vegan or vegetarian dietary guidelines. 

gelatin free gummy vitamins


Despite the many advances in food manufacturing, the process of dispersing powders in liquids remains a challenge. Without proper dispersion, powders like food gums form lumps which can cause production issues, including:

  • Clogging pumps and filters, resulting in production slow downs
  • Hydrating incompletely, possibly leading to quality variations between batches and increasing the need to rework out of spec product

Several techniques have been employed over the years in an effort to reduce lumping, including slurrying the gum with oil and preblending the dry ingredients before addition to the mixing tank but these production techniques have shown mixed results. However, manufacturers see nearly immediate and dramatic process improvements when they switch from powdered gums to agglomerated gums.

This episode of our Basics of Food Gums video series explores the benefits of using agglomerated gums.


Videos in the Basics of Food Gums Series

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Among its many outlets for community engagement and youth development, TIC Gum’s hosts a comprehensive internship program for college students to gain experience in their respective fields at its three Maryland locations.

While we could talk all day about what makes the program special, who better to provide feedback on what a summer with TIC Gums really has to offer than the interns themselves.

TIC Gums summer interns 2016
L to R: Alek Berger, Troy Joyce, James Szamski, Brendan Scott, Kayla Murray, Kyra Fivek and Dan Fleming


TIC Times newsletterIn this issue:

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