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Cans aren't just for whipped topping and cheese anymore
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 07:50

Harvard students invent cake batter delivery system

Lack of time will no longer be a barrier for cake baking, if a new invention from two Harvard University students makes it to grocery store shelves, according to articles from the Boston Globe and WBZ-TV. The invention, named Spray Cake, dispenses specially-formulated cake batter from a can similar to those used for whipped topping. Single cupcake-sized servings can be cooked in a microwave in under 30 seconds. Story and video from the Boston Globe

John McCallum originally cooked up the idea in his freshman year after hearing Chef Joannne Chang speak to his Science and Cooking class. Schoolmate Brooke Nowakowski saw the potential to make this invention something bigger and the duo are now in the process of patenting the technology and introducing Spray Cake to the masses.

Spray Cake-Boston Globe

More video from WBZ-TV in Boston click here


Putting Gum Arabic Under the Microscope
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 14:10

Gums and hydrocolloids are commonly sold in the form of white to off-white powders that can be nearly indistinguishable from one another. University of Cambridge offers this video of gum arabic powder as seen through a scanning electron microscope as a part of the university's Nanomaterials Up Close: series of videos. Learn more about Gum Arabic from TIC Gums

Gum Arabic Powder under microscope

Happy Social Media Day 2014!
Monday, 30 June 2014 10:00

by Frances Bowman, social media specialist

TIC Gums site circa 1997

Today the online world is celebrating Social Media Day and all things social. So I ask, how has social media changed your work or personal life?

For me, it's created a whole new career focus. When I launched the first version of the TIC Gums website in late 1997, it was just one part of my job in marketing; I had no idea that I'd gravitate towards a position where I'd be specializing in online activities using both my marketing experience and my natural geekiness.

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Social Media Day

IFT 2014 Day Three: Meet the Gum Guru
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 07:30

As the IFT Food Expo 2014 winds down today, there is still plenty to see at the TIC Gums booth (4641).

Stop by to talk with one of our Gum Gurus® about your specific texture and stability needs. While you're there have your photo taken with the Gum Guru® himself from 11 AM-2 PM

Finished Food Samples

Meet the Gum Guru

IFT 2014 Day Two: Gluten-free Bread & Gum Gurus
Sunday, 22 June 2014 21:14

As Day Two of IFT Food Expo 2014 dawns in New Orleans, here are a few updates:

Happenings at booth 4641

  • 12-3 PM: Gum Guru® available for photos
  • 1 PM:  We'll be hosting a "tweetup!" Stop by and meet other twitter users in the food industry.
  • All day: Sample gluten-free cornbread made with Ticaloid® GF 313 and hot sauce made with Chile Comapeño peppers and stabilized with FASTir® Xanthan EC

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