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Each year, our Gum Gurus® field hundreds of questions from customers about all types of food and beverage applications. One of the applications they are most frequently asked about is salad dressings and the number of questions has only increased in recent months with manufacturers rushing to meet consumer demands surrounding clean labeling. Our Gum Gurus offer their recommendations for some common problems below:

Salad dressing emulsifiers & stabilizers


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Whether we're snacking on tart gummy candy or supplementing our diets with fortified gummy vitamins, we have come to expect a specific texture from gummies. Consumers might use terms like "sticky" or "chewy" to describe this unique texture that is usually created with gelatin.

One thing is certain--removing gelatin from a gummy confection application is tricky. In fact, no single ingredient can be used to duplicate these characteristics.

gelatin replacements for gummies


Donna Klockeman on egg replacementLast spring's avian flu outbreak in the US continues to send food formulators searching for egg replacements and, in some cases, gums or stabilizers can be a solution.

Donna Klockeman, senior principal food scientist, explains some of the factors formulators need to consider when reducing or removing eggs: "Since eggs contribute to various functional roles in foods, there really isn't a one-to-one replacement for all that they do. The difficulty in replacing eggs is assessing their role in a given application because they could be responsible for functionalities as diverse as gel formation after heating, film formation, or emulsification. This understanding of the eggs' functionality within a formula is required whether the goal is complete or partial replacement."

Here are two recent articles about egg replacement:

Tips For Reducing Eggs In Cakes
How To Replace Eggs In Mayonnaise-Type Dressings 


Prototype formulation for reduced egg cake Download 
Prototype formulation for egg-free mayonnaise-type dressing Download

Talk with one of our Gum Gurus about replacing or reducing the eggs in your application by clicking the Chat with Us button above or calling our technical service hotline (800) 899-3953 / +1(410) 273-7300.

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