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Among its many outlets for community engagement and youth development, TIC Gum’s hosts a comprehensive internship program for college students to gain experience in their respective fields at its three Maryland locations.

While we could talk all day about what makes the program special, who better to provide feedback on what a summer with TIC Gums really has to offer than the interns themselves.

TIC Gums summer interns 2016
L to R: Alek Berger, Troy Joyce, James Szamski, Brendan Scott, Kayla Murray, Kyra Fivek and Dan Fleming


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Once relegated to a post-workout supplement for the most active consumers, instant protein beverages are now a staple meal replacement for consumers across all demographic categories.

How popular are sport powders like protein drinks?

According to data from Innova Market Insights, the number of new product launches in the US bearing claims of “Added Protein” or “High Source of Protein” was rather flat between 2011 and 2014. That trend was busted in 2015 when 695 new products were launched in the category, more than double the number launched the prior year.


Bakers have the difficult task of making sure their products taste good and look good at the same time. Consumers like their food to be both beautiful and delicious so the appearance of bakery items goes a long way. In many baked goods, fresh or frozen fruit is used to add sweet, seasonal flavors to a starchy, bread-base. With the additional element of fruit comes the task of controlling the juices that leak out of colorful berries.

Anyone who works with frozen berries and fruits in dessert applications understands the delicate nature of such ingredients, whether they are mixed in a batter, set atop a pastry or blended in a fruit topping. To compensate for moisture challenges commonly associated with many types of berries and fruits, manufacturers often add stabilizers to control weeping and stabilize the finished bakery product.

preventing weeping in four plus one strawberries


TIC Gums’ beverage technology manager, Dan Grazaitis, had the opportunity to speak about clean label foods to a packed room of over 300 IFT attendees at this year’s IFT Food Expo show. As one of five speakers in the symposium titled, "The Clean Label Market and How to Overcome Formulation Challenges Using Functional Clean Label Ingredients," he highlighted the history of hydrocolloids, what they can do for product texture and stability, where they can be sourced, and how combining two or more food gums that have different functionalities can be a great way to customize and perfect desired texture results.