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Greg AndonLate last summer, I wrote about the energy TIC Gums is applying to innovate solutions for customer labeling goals. Our team is particularly well positioned to help customers design products with specific label requirements thanks to our expertise in basic textural attribute mapping and functional stabilization. Our customer's goal may be an organic label, a "free-from" formula challenge, or even an ingredient substitution due to supply shortage. Together, we are able to identify the most objective texture and stability requirements of a particular end product, evaluate the label requirements and recommend the best solution.

A key success factor for TIC Gums is our endless drive to develop new ingredients as tools for our applications team and, ultimately, as new solutions for our customers. We also need to constantly improve our understanding of existing ingredients and how they can be utilized and formulated in new ways to leverage each ingredient's strengths. I'm excited by how the new products we're introducing in this newsletter touch on both of those ideals.

Our latest development combines the oldest of gums with one of the newest to provide a unique clean label solution for ready-to-drink (RTD) protein beverages. Gum Acacia has a 5,000 year history, and as one of the world's largest acacia manufacturers, we understand this ingredient's unique mouthcoating and emulsification properties better than anyone. Gellan Gum has recently been introduced to our portfolio and since it stabilizes at low usage levels it has minimal impact on texture. However, by combining the two, mouthfeel is enhanced, emulsification is provided and process tolerances are increased. By leveraging the functionality of both of these hydrocolloids, we have created a solution that satisfies all of the requirements for RTD beverage manufacturers. In fact, the novel use of acacia in these end products means more texture without adding viscosity and emulsification that can replace less label friendly ingredients such as lecithin.

This is the formulating direction of the food industry. It is no longer good enough to just solve the technical challenge. It must also be done with ingredient limitations and marketing goals in mind. As the oldest hydrocolloid company in America, our Gum Gurus® are here to help you achieve your label goals whatever they may be.