Pre-Hydrated® TICorganic® Gum Arabic SF

Pre-Hydrated® TICorganic® Gum Arabic SF is designed for applications of Gum Arabic where color is not critical. Gum Arabic SF gives a light brown to deep brown color depending on concentration or usage level. As such it is suitable for a wide range of typical Gum Arabic applications- as a source of soluble fiber in chocolate drinks, pudding, granola and other snack bars and deep colored fruit drinks. Pre-Hydrated® TICorganic® Gum Arabic SF is agglomerated, creating a gum that goes into solution quickly, with virtually no lumps and very little dusting.
Organic Foods, Flavors, Confections, Binder, Film Former, Functional Foods, fiber
Typical usage Level
0.5% to 30%
Cold Water Soluble
All natural
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